[LANGUAGE OF SPACE] was founded in 2012. We are dedicated to design schools and learning environments that promote and facilitate creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Schools that provide the next generations with the skills needed to contribute to a better world and to function well in the 21st century. We work on a strong, scientific basis and know quite a bit about how physical learning spaces and school architecture influence student motivation, concentration, language- and social behavior, teaching methods and students' general physical and mental well-being. If you want to work with us - give us a shout.


Concept development

We develop and design full architectual and pedagogical concepts, based on solid research and our clients' needs. Having a master concept helps to create a common ground and a shared language for all participants in the project; policy-makers, architects, teachers, etc. A design-compass for a successful school project.

School building projects

We are happy to team up for competitions on school projects. Working across fields of knowledge and professions strengthen the team's chances to win. And since school architecture is one of the most complex types of buildings, an expert on learning spaces and pedagogics is not a bad companion.

Re-thinking space

We don't have to build new schools to improve students learning outcome and motivation for school learning. Much can be done within the existing walls of the school. We can help you re-think and re-design your school's learning spaces and create state-of-the-art learning environments for both students and teachers.

Talks and lectures

We are always ready to share our knowledge on learning and school architecture, whether it be at conferences, universities, work-shops, schools, etc. CEO Kasper Stoltz is an experienced and energetic lecturer with a great ability to make complexity simple (Maybe something he learned from his many years as a school teacher)

Qualification of decisions

We are always ready to help politicians, municipalities and other policy makers in qualifing their decisions around school system development and learning space design. That way our client can be sure that all decisions are made on a scientifically approved basis and not on traditions, personal opinions and habits-of-thought.

Study trips

Need inspiration for your school project? Let us take you to some of the best school buildings in Denmark. We can arrange a full study trip with guided tours to one or several schools, plus give you a inspirational and thorough lecture on learning space design and school architeture of the future.  


Over the past 20 years the world at large has undergone radical changes, in a pace never seen before in human history. A change mainly caused by digital technology and the 4th industrial revolution. But schooling, especially primary schools, has not been able to adapt or keep up with this change. The result is, that we are now educating kids to a society that no longer exists and fail to equip them with the skills needed to function and thrive in the current world. We believe that if we don’t re-think what students learn and how teachers teach, which again demands a re-thinking of the physical spaces in which this learning and teaching are to take place, we will fail to fulfill the purpose of education; to ensure that the next generations are capable of contributing to a better world defined by sustainability, freedom and social and economical responsibility. For that to happen, it calls for a completely new way of design schools, led and informed by 21st century learning skills such as empathy, collaboration, co-creation, creativity, critical thinking and entrepreneurship. Skills far from the ideology of praxis on which the traditional classroom and general layout of contemporary schools are designed by.

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